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Why Are All These Celebrities Participating In An Epic Fake Hoverboard Troll?

No puedo creer que sea un FAKE!!


If you’re looking for a well-crafted but ultimately very fake video about hoverboard technology featuring Moby, Terrell Owens, Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmett Brown himself, today is your lucky day. The video above is exactly what I’ve described, featuring a weird cast of cameos and what appears to be a fake tech team powering everything, plus a soundtrack with Chromeo and Best Coast. Also there’s a Mark Cuban endorsement to complete the strange assembly.

The tagline is that the “Future Has Arrived,” when in fact it hasn’t. Aside from being a clear (though still technically impressive) fake, the website for this demo and fake company also shows a counter with December 2014 as the projected “destination time” for whatever’s going on here. That could just be part of the artificial HUVr product dressing, but it could also be when whatever’s being promoted here breaks cover.

I’ve contacted the “HUVR CORP”…

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