The Millenary Exclusive: The Locations In Singapore Where Agent 47 Was Filmed

The Millenary


(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)

Destined to be a blockbuster hit when it opens in cinemas this August, Agent 47 is the first mainstream film to have almost half of its scenes filmed in Singapore. The rest of the movie’s scenes were recorded in Berlin. The Millenary stalked the well-dressed Rupert Friend and his film crew, and reveals the exact locations where this revival of the immensely popular Hitman video game franchise was shot.

Comfort Taxis(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)

For two weeks from late April to early May 2014, Singapore played host to Hollywood stars like Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware, along with director Aleksander Bach’s cast and crew of over 200 people.

McCallum(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)


The movie’s trailer, which was unveiled last week, revealed outdoor shots of the Central Business District and Esplanade area. While indoor filming took place in Infinite Frameworks Studios off Portsdown Road, Aleksander…

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