por Sergio Barrejón.

Una escaleta es un compendio resumido de las escenas que compondrán un futuro guión audiovisual.

Sirve para contemplar a vista de pájaro la estructura de la historia, y de la ruta a seguir para escribir el guión. En una palabra, la escaleta es el mapa del guión.

The Analyst escaleta Escaleta de largometraje – The Analyst

Como cualquier mapa, la escaleta no puede ofrecer una visión detallada del terreno. Sólo sus características principales. Lo importante aquí no es el detalle, sino la posibilidad de otear toda tu historia en un vistazo.

¿Y cómo se escribe una escaleta? Pues así:

1. UNA ESCENA, UNA TARJETA: Diseñar la estructura es el trabajo más laborioso (y rentable) que vas a acometer en todo el proceso de escribir tu guión. Te encontrarás muchas veces sustituyendo escenas, cambiándolas de lugar, injertando parte de una escena en otra… Todo esto es más fácil y agradecido de…

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The Millenary Exclusive: The Locations In Singapore Where Agent 47 Was Filmed

The Millenary


(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)

Destined to be a blockbuster hit when it opens in cinemas this August, Agent 47 is the first mainstream film to have almost half of its scenes filmed in Singapore. The rest of the movie’s scenes were recorded in Berlin. The Millenary stalked the well-dressed Rupert Friend and his film crew, and reveals the exact locations where this revival of the immensely popular Hitman video game franchise was shot.

Comfort Taxis(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)

For two weeks from late April to early May 2014, Singapore played host to Hollywood stars like Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware, along with director Aleksander Bach’s cast and crew of over 200 people.

McCallum(photo from Agent 47 official trailer)


The movie’s trailer, which was unveiled last week, revealed outdoor shots of the Central Business District and Esplanade area. While indoor filming took place in Infinite Frameworks Studios off Portsdown Road, Aleksander…

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Fox Buys ‘Controller,’ Based On Saman Kesh’s Trippy Proof Of Concept Short


EXCLUSIVE: Add this to the lengthening list of studio projects bolstered by proof of concept short films that are now driving deals like crazy. Fox has acquired Controller, a project that Alev Aydin will write based on a concept written by Saman Kesh based on his short film that you will find below. Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps will produce. Pic is a sci-fi rescue film that turns the damsel-in-distress trope upside down. It is set in the homogenized future of New-Taipei, where an imprisoned young woman who has enormous psychic powers perpetrates her own rescue by taking physical control of her boyfriend, turning him into a helmeted Terminator. The film is a modern love story draped in blood, and Kesh went to Taiwan and shot the short film to demonstrate a potential third act for the feature. Kesh has previously won awards at SXSW for his music videos…

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25 muertos por avión de TransAsia Airways que cae a río en Taiwán

Increible… capturado en camara


Por Euan McKirdy

(CNN) — Un avión de la compañía taiwanesa TransAsia Airways cayó a un río este miércoles en Taipéi, en la isla de Taiwan, provocando la muerte de 25 de las 58 personas a bordo, informaron las autoridades.

Los equipos de rescate se apresuraron a rescatar a los sobrevivientes del naufragio que estaban sumergidos en el avión turbohélice bimotor ATR-72, que cayó poco después de despegar de la capital taiwanesa.

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10 Incredible, Underrated Film Performances From 2014

10 increíbles sobrestimadas y hasta olvidadas actuaciones en películas del 2014


As the movie year is drawing to a close and every day begets more Top 10 lists and critics awards, it’s becoming easier and easier to take some fairly educated guesses as to how the Academy Award nominations are going to shake out. Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, Julianne Moore, and Felicity Jones (and maybe Marion Cotillard, hopefully?) will probably get Best Actress noms. Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton, and Eddie Redmayne will probably get Best Actor. J.K. Simmons may as well pick up his Supporting Actor trophy now; ditto Patricia Arquette for Supporting Actress. And so on. It can all start to seem a little predetermined, with the feeling that we’re just gonna keep hearing these same names over and over for the next few months — and as if there’s nothing else worth discovering or celebrating, which is just plain bunk. So in the interest of year-end…

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El psiquiatra, película maldita del cine venezolano.

Caracas a Doble Espacio

Por Florencia Gyuma.
Caracas es Arte.
El cine venezolano está en auge y ya se empieza a hablar de una industria cinematográfica. Mientras más se produce, más cosas pasan. En la historia del cine, varios filmes originaron leyendas extrañas sobre hechos inexplicables, accidentes catastróficos o muertes inesperadas, estas obras las calificaron como películas malditas por toda la problemática que les rodeó. El caso del largometraje El psiquiatra, segunda obra del director venezolano Manuel Pifano parece encajar en esta definición.

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2014 Chicago Latino Film Festival Preview

White City Cinema


The Chicago Latino Film Festival reaches an impressive milestone this year by turning 30-years-old. Founder Pepe Vargas and co. are celebrating in style, screening 92 features and 39 shorts from around the world. In addition to showcasing new work by established auteurs and exciting younger filmmakers, the fest will also be offering a sidebar devoted to Spanish-language Oscar nominees from the 1960s through the present; and the great Chilean actress Paulina Garcia, star of Sebastian Lelio’s Gloria, will also be on hand to receive a lifetime achievement award and be feted with a mini-retrospective of her work. Below are previews of some of the most noteworthy films playing the festival. The full lineup can be found on the CLFF website here:


Macario (Gavaldon, Mexico, 1960)
Rating: 9.5


If you only see one movie in CLFF’s Latino Oscar sidebar, please make it Roberto Gavaldon’s 1960 masterpiece, the first Mexican…

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